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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 11, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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been voted off the island in this reality show. >> it's going so well and to be honest with you, you know, i love the debate last night. we got very high marks on the debate. and i was very happy with the way it worked out. >> if we could bring thomas jefferson here today and let him see what's going on he would immediately stroke out. he would not be able to believe the kind of debt that we are leaving there. honoring our veterans, coming up an organization that helps military brides with a special mission. the first date to end veteran homelessness. >> this day is not only about gratitude for what they have done for us. it is also a reminder of all that they still have to give to our nation and our duty to them.
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good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington with highlights of the republican faceoff in wisconsin. no breakout moment perhaps benefiting the two best debaters. cruz and rubio. who could become major players in 2016. joining me now, katy tur, chris jansing, chris sizly and jeremy peters. first to you, chris in milwaukee, let's talk about last night and the lineup. there were two real fault lines strikes me over immigration and over foreign policy. where do you think the candidates aligned coming through until this morning? >> reporter: yeah. isn't that interesting that that is where this turned out to be? now, they would argue that these are two areas a lot to do with the economy but they're the ones that are getting the most
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attention. immigration, obviously, something very important to the base and you saw some of the most heated exchanges over that, over deportation and donald trump at the center of it and his statement that he wants to deport all 11 million people. it was an opportunity for jeb bush to get back in to the conversation. foreign policy, this is where a lot of people are pointing to donald trump and ben carson and some of the concerns they have about experience. there was a big back and forth about u.s. sending special ops into syria, whether ben carson would support it. he said it's better to have them or not because russia and china are already in there. china is not but now his adviser armstrong williams saying on msnbc that he had a source telling him they are. very short on specifics. his campaign has known all along that the depth of experience on
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issues like foreign policy were going to be the biggest challenge for them but so far what we have seen in debates past, andrea, is it's not made a difference either in his poll numbers or in his fund-raising. both of them have continued to be on the rise. we'll see if that continues after all the the questions of his personal history and what we saw last night on the debate stage. >> and, in fact, jeremy, marco rubio and rand paul really showing the two blanranches of republican party. the isolation and strong military. let's play you a little bit of that. >> i know that rand is a committed isolationist. i am not. i believe the world is a stronger and a better place when the united states is the strongest military power in the world. >> marco, marco, how is it conservative -- how's it conservative to add a trillion dollar expenditure for the federal government that should not pay for? >> are you talking about the military, rand? >> how's it conservative to add
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a trillion dollars in military expenditures? you cannot be a conservative if you're going to keep promoting new programs you're not going to pay for. >> jeremy, rand paul seemed to come back to life last night. >> he certainly did although at this point, andrea, i don't know what good it's going to do his campaign. i think he's basically struggling at this point to get in to the -- make sure that he is allowed into the main event debate the next time around when they meet in mid-december. but i think what you really saw going on there beyond the debate about foreign policy and intervention, of course, rand paul is way off out of the mainstream in the republican party on this. he's basically an island unto himself but what you really saw going on there in broader terms throughout the course of this debate was a fight among the candidates to pitch themselves as the most conservative candidate. and this played out on immigration, foreign policy, entitlement reform and that's really what was happening is
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a -- i think ultimately boils down to what will become a fight of marco rubio and ted cruz to say to voters, okay, now i'm the most conservative candidate. trust me. >> katy, speaking of the most conservative candidate, then there's trmp a there's donald trump and take a look at how he handled carly fiorina. >> you can be strong without being involved in every civil war around the world. ronald reagan -- >> how would you respond? >> ronald reagan was strong but ronald reagan didn't -- >> ronald reagan walked away at rick vick. >> why does she keep interrupting everybody? >> yeah. >> terrible. >> i'd like to finish -- i'd like to finish my response basically. >> katy, i don't know if he ever pays any price for that but everyone was interrupting and he calls out the only woman on the stage for interrupting? >> i asked him that today, was
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carly getting under your skin and said that? he said, no. he felt like the others needed to have a chance to speak and i said, she was barely the only one interrupting. he responded saying he at another point trying to allow jeb bush to speak. donald trump has come under fire for what people perceive as his sexist attitude towards carly fiorina and it ultimately has not hurt him. supporters understand or accept that he is going to be un-pc at times and don't hold him to too high of a standard because of that. they're listening to more of what donald trump is saying in terms of getting under the skin of the establishment and being very anti-establishment. donald trump, though, last night seemed to fade into the background during a lot of that debate. he didn't really come out firing as we have seen in past debates. he didn't come out strong per se on foreign policy.
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he tends to always go back to his comfort points which are immigration and the wall and his ability to negotiate trade. rand paul called him out at one point complaining about china as part of the tpp deal and then saying that china wasn't even a part of that deal which seemed to take trump by surprise. ultimately, though, i asked him if he needs to come back stronger in the next debate and be louder. he said, no, that he is learning as a candidate and trying to allow the other candidates to have their moment because he respects them. andrea? >> and a little fact checking, chris. this is carly sort of digging at trump over who knew put put better. take a look and listen. listen closely. >> you know, mr. trump fancies himself a very good negotiator and i accept that he's done a lot of good deals so mr. trump ought to know that we should not speak to people from a position of weakness. senator paul should know that,
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as well. one of the reasons i've said that i would not be talking to vladimir putin right now although i have met him, as well. not in a green room for a show but in a private meeting. >> so this is -- this is carly fiorina saying to jimmy fallon how she met vladimir putin. >> where did you meet -- >> i met him in beijing. we were in sort of a green room setting, actually. >> well, i guess that's one of those never mind moments. chris? >> yeah. i mean, the thing that's hard to watch and look, i have never been a candidate and will never be a candidate and never be up there on the stage and hard, first of all, it's difficult, trying to think on your feet, et cetera, the one upsmanship of i know vladimir putin well, i didn't just see him in a green room. donald trump saying i know the world leaders. some of this stuff is just, you
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know a little bit over the top. they're all trying to distinguish themselves. they know there are lots and lots and lots of eyeballs on them. i think what we saw last night, andrea, what we already knew in some way. the class of the field in terms of debating is marco rubio and ted cruz. they're the best at it. that does not mean they're going to be the nominee. doesn't mean that they're the best candidate. they are quite clearly and i'd say rubio and then thuz, the best debaters, fiorina down a level and then, you know, you get sort of everybody else. but we sort of knew that going in. i think this just affirms it and i felt like 2008 watching hillary clinton debate what became clear is she's good at that. we were watching in 2016. the debate a few weeks ago, and i thought, well, oh yeah, she's good at this. it's a skill and they have it. >> well, jeb bush needed to do better and i think by most accounts he did better. i don't know if it's good
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enough. he was talking to donors last night and again today and he picked up an endorsement and want to play it for you all from the world war ii memorial today from the man who helped create that memorial on the mall, none other than the 1996 republican candidate. >> i endorsed jeb bush today. i think he's a most qualified. and we need somebody with experience. and there are a lot of good candidates. i like nearly all of them. >> so well into his 90s, chris siz la, it's good to see bob dole out there having recovered from serious illnesses. you know, still out there with the veterans today. >> can i just make a recommendation about bob dole? if you have not and don't care about politics, go and read the passage of the book of "what it takes" about the 1988 presidential campaign. read the 100 or so pages of bob
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dole, the injuries suffered in war, he was essentially left to die and what he has made of his life, whether you're a republican, democrat, you don't care about politics, doesn't matter. the man's story is not well-known enough now today because he is out of politics for a while. it is absolutely amazing and inspirational. take some time and read it. >> indeed. absolutely. and a man as partisan as the next person and did all sorts of bipartisan deals when he was majority leader and minority leader. thank you all. great to have you for the post-debate wrap-up. as we move on to a tragedy in ohio, officials sharing details about the fiery plane crash that killed at least seven people. the private plane plowed into an akron apartment complex around 3:00 eastern. witnesses described hearing a roar before the building burst into flames. vors are pouring over the scene today. the victims' families arriving
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and struggling to absorb the news. >> i just -- it's just not real yet. >> somebody -- >> so that's -- i'm just heartbroken. you never think something like this is going to happen to your family. the last time i talked to her was last tuesday night. we had arranged through text of what time we were going to talk because we're both so busy and so we talked tuesday night for about an hour and a half. now i wish it had been longer. but we always ended the conversation with love you so -- excuse me. >> i'm sorry. >> nbc's john yang was there when the sister of that plane crash victim arrived and got the terrible news. john, what are we learned today? there was a news conference about the reasons for the crash. do we know anything more? >> reporter: well, the press conference is going on right
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now, andrea. we are hearing from the ohio state patrol, akron fire department, akron police department. they are now confirming that there were nine people aboard that plane. a pilot and a co-pilot, plus seven passengers. nine people aboard the plane. all nine dead. no survivors in the crash. and then we learned, also, from the family members that we just heard from of one of the victims that they were all working, the seven passengers, all working for peb enterprises which is a commercial property management firm from boca raton, florida. they were on a sight trip, sort of shopping around looking at potential purchases, buildings to purchase around the midwest. they flew on monday from ft. lauderdale to minnesota. they went to moline, illinois. st. louis, missouri. monday night, went to cincinnati to overnight and yesterday flew
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from dayton -- i'm sorry, flew from cincinnati to dayton and then dayton on here to akron. we're going to hear from the ntsb at 3:00 this afternoon but talking to witnesses, looking at a flight information from flight and talking to a pilot who knows this airport fairly well, it appears that they were coming in in fairly bad weather. the weather at the time according to the meteorologist at our nbc affiliate wkyc in cleveland, the ceiling was about 460 feet which is barely above the minimum required to land at this airport. the visibility was at about a mile. again, barely above what it was supposed to be to land, so clearly i think weather is going to be a big part of this investigation. andrea? >> john yang out there in ohio, thank you. and honoring our veterans, virginia reaches a major milestone in supporting our
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troops. we'll talk to the governor after the break. but first, president obama took part in the wreath laying ceremony today paying tribute to those who lost their lives serving our country. >> veterans not getting the timely care they need and my message to veterans across this country, i'm still not satisfied and bob mcdonald is not satisfied and we'll keep investing in the facilities and the physicians and the staff to make sure that our veterans get the care that you need when you need it. when it comes to helping you reach your financial goals,t taking small, manageable steps can be an effective... and enjoyable approach... compared to the alternatives. push! i am pushing! sfx: pants ripping how you doing eddie? almost there. small steps.
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>> the solemn ceremony the wreath laying at arlington national cemetery today and president calling on congress to help veterans. virginia governor mcauliffe is announcing this morning that virginia becoming the first state to end veteran homelessness. the state says more than 1,400 homeless veterans placed in permanent housing, not just temporary housing, perm innocent housing in the past year. virginia governor mcauliffe joining me now. >> hello, andrea. great to be with you. happy veterans day. >> same to you. more than parades and more even than wreath laying and remembrances because there are so many veterans, especially after the longest war continuing in afghanistan, who really need help in so many ways, homelessness, tell me how you
9:20 am
attack that challenge. >> well, we take tremendous honor, virginia has about 800,000 veterans. we have the most female veterans in the country. we have the most veterans under the age of 2525 in virginia. obviously, the largest naval base in the world. the pentagon in virginia. quantico. langley air force base. we have a lot of veterans and proud of that but with that pride comes responsibility. a year ago i said i wanted virginia to be the first state to officially end and functi functionally end veteran homelessness in our state and i was able to stand and certify i was with secretary castro of hud and certified that we are the first state in america to functionally end veteran homelessness. now, we got to make sure that in the future, we ended homelessness and tomorrow we may have another veteran, we now have a system, a procedure in place to immediately move folks
9:21 am
into permanent housing. so we have an entire system put together so that if it does occur, it's brief, it's rare and it's non-reoccurring. i'm glad that virginia was the first state in america. i hope other states will use us as a template. we should and need to end veteran homelessness across this country. >> was this a state initiative only or any support from the va which, as you know, under attack by republicans not only in congress but the campaign trail for its fecklessness in helping veterans. >> there's been a call put out the first lady obviously put out a call to end veteran homelessness so this is a project going on in all 50 states with hud, with the interagency council an all the different federal government agencies that work very closely with us. so we all worked together and my secretary of defense, veterans affairs who heads that he and the other team here in virginia worked with all of our local agencies, both community based
9:22 am
and state agencies. we put together a veteran homelessness boot camp to train everyone at the local level, what we need to do to get folks off the street. move them into permanent housing. so it was a federal, state initiative going on in all 50 states but i'm so proud of virginia that we were the first state certified today and hold up the letter that virginia was the first state. we owe it to our veterans that served our nation, put on that uniform, when they comb home, get the health care, think need a roof over the head an i'm also working very hard through the virginia values veterans program, the v-3 program to make sure when the veterans come back and transition out of active duty to veteran status that we have a job waiting for them so we've done legislation here to give our veterans credentials so that they can move them right into the workforce. i just announced 4.3% unemployment the other day, lowest in the southeast of america. we're making sure veterans come
9:23 am
back and we have a job for them, a roof over their head and health care. the state went up with two of our own care centers for those veterans that can't get it through the va. we are not going to wait. we did our own care centers, added 40 beds to our sitter and barfoot owned health center here in virginia and not waiting. we want to work with the va but we have got to move forward and take care of the veterans here in virginia. >> last time i saw you recently was in virginia, campaigning with hillary clinton. >> yeah. >> you clearly you're not ignoring the campaign and last night's debate. the republicans all aligned attacking her. jeb bush trying to distinguish himself saying he would be the best candidate against hillary clinton. >> i think it's a badge of honor, anandrea, attacking hilly clinton. this. >> scared to death of her. they want to run and attack her every single day so for me sitting here is a big supporter
9:24 am
of hillary clinton's shows me they're scared to death of hillary clinton. so you know that's fine. why? because hillary's laying out a plan to get the economy moving just as we have done here in virginia. when i became governor, i inherited a large deficit. i just announced the largest surplus in virginia history. hillary wants to do the same thing for the country and when they're not talking about you means they're not worried about you. attacking you every day they're scared to death of hillary clinton. that's fine. she'll run her campaign and doing great. we have a long way to go but she's going to take this country and turbo charge this economy and veterans issues something that i've talked to her long and hard about. veterans issues, employment issues, that's what her campaign's going to be about and what she is going to do as president. >> terry mcauliffe, always good the see you, governor. thank you. >> happy birthday, andrea. recently. >> thank you very much for the reminder. >> thank you. >> thanks, governor. next, a campus on edge.
9:25 am
social media threats against moinlt students at the university of missouri just days after top school officials announced that they were resigning. let's go live to columbia, missouri, coming up next.
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the university of missouri still a campus on edge after an alleged online threat against black students. this morning, campus police arrested a suspect accused of being behind the postings including one to vow to kill black people. campus security on high alert. some builtings on lockdown. a number of classes canceled and only days after students forced the university system president and the columbia campus chancellor to resign over how they handled complaints about racism on campus against minority students. nbc's sarah dallof is there with the latest. this can only be increasing the tension which one would have thought was getting a little bit better. >> reporter: yeah, that is
9:29 am
correct, andrea. students expressed that very sentiment, things were moving forward and now upheavel again and concern for the safety of students. campus is operating normally for the most part. although some students are opting not to go to class. we have been told a professors accommodating that choice following the night where the threats posted to yik yak saying black students would be targeted in particular. police believe the man behind the threats located two hours south of here at the university of missouri in raleigh. 19-year-old hunter park is arrested on allegations of making terroristic threats. in a separate case, the black culture center was locked down briefly yesterday after a threat was phoned in there. police swept that building. they say they found nothing. today there is increased security on campus and officials are working to assure students
9:30 am
that they're safe. back to you. >> sarah dallof, thank you so much. coming up, the spin room. donald trump says he's a numbers guy but that is until he ran into our kasie hunt. >> are you going to be able to upstage ben carson in the polls? >> well, i'm doing very well. i mean, i'm leading just about everything so i think we will -- let me ask you a question. who had the pole position tonight? you know what pole position? who had the number one position? >> reporter: there were eight of you. >> who had the number one position? >> reporter: you, sir. >> thank you. >> reporter: thank you for your time, sir. donald trump for you, chris. >> that was him, wasn't it? ya know, viagra helps guys with erectile dysfunction get and keep an erection. talk to your doctor about viagra. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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how do you think you did? >> i'll do better. i thought it was fine. i did well. talked about issues important to people. we need to start thinking about who's the person to beat hillary clinton rather than trying to get into small differences between each campaign. >> think who could beat hill shil a better initial answer than i'll do better. jeb bush learned the lesson last night going after clinton after losing ground on the last debate taking on rubio that. didn't work well. clinton is speed dialing donors today and last night trying to prevent more defections. joining me is a former chairman of the conservative union and a speechwriter to former george w. bush. welcome both to you. al, first to you, were you on any of the calls with jeb bush after the debate? >> no. listen. i'm already a senior adviser. i went to sleep at 1:00 and got up this morning at 4:00 in the
9:35 am
morning to get here to cleveland so i missed out. i know what went on. i thought everybody was really upbeat. the staff did a great job in briefing the donors and key activists and everybody's gung ho. everybody's awaiting to the governor's performance. we think he did very, very well. i read some of the pundits' comments today and, frankly, kind of a head scratcher. brownie points if you interrupt somebody or if you make fun of someone and i remember an editorial from michael gurson who said we're taking unserious things seriously. some of the debates are judged on unserious things. to me, the three criteria for judging a debate performance is, did you show leadership? do you have a commander of knowledge of a substance and plans? and three, are you a problem solver? do you have a way to n today's political environment to get those things done?
9:36 am
that's the most important job interview for the greatest job on earth and debates are part of that process and should be taken seriously. it's not entertainment. and i thought last night's debate was pretty good. i hope the remaining debates follow that premise. >> it has been too much entertainment, arguably, in this whole campaign season. michael gurson to you, jeb bush really had to show his strengths last night. his command on the substance because he was sliding badly in the polls after the last debate. what do you think? in terms of -- >> i think jeb bush reassured his donors and supporters. i think marco rubio reassured his donors and supporters, as well. they both did well. eventually jeb bush is not going to just need to shore up his current support. he needs to expand that. but that was the first step is to shore up the current step because he had been in pretty bad state for the last few weeks and i think that this served
9:37 am
that purpose. >> now, to al and your point about the seriousness of the job, interview that this is, this is jeb bush and donald trump debating putin and isis which arguably the biggest foreign policy threat right now. >> if putin wants to knock the hell out of isis i am all for it 100%. i can't understand how anybody would be against it. >> they -- >> hold it. wait a minute. they blew up a russian airplane. he cannot be in love with these people. we have to get smart. we can't continue to be the policeman of the world. >> he's absolutely wrong on this. we're not going to be the world's policeman and we sure as heck better be the world's leader. >> now, that really is one of the big fault lines in the republican party, al, between those who believe that we have to show leadership in foreign military engagements a thoen those like trump and rand paul
9:38 am
last night who say exactly the opposite. >> well, look. if you look at the solution side of what jeb bush said, he said you have to create safety zones in syria. that's militarily doable and the way to do that obviously is you need to have some boots on the ground. you need to get the europe an allies involved but jeb's absolutely right. you have millions of refugees seeking refugee in europe and elsewhere and making a real serious human challenge to everything around it but if you have a safety zone at least people are contained, they stay this their home country and you begin to help to stabilize the process at some point. so i thought jeb bush's first step about the zoenls was a no-brainer and everybody regardless of whether you're for more or less intervention ought to be for that. trump was for, hey, man, let the other guy deal with it. as jeb said, that's not leadership. i thought jeb did great against donald trump on that issue and also immigration.
9:39 am
i thought that on both points he took donald trump on and showed that he was by far the most prepared and sensible candidate. >> and to the point of foreign policy leadership and immigration if you will, michael, jeb bush is not taking the popular sound bite position. >> right. well, he isn't and within the republican party. that's arguable. but if you look at donald trump, a demagogue with a soft spot for a dictator, it's utterly disqualifying. this is an alliance in the middle east between iran and russia that is challenging american pre-eminence and our role in the region. shows a fundamental misunderstanding of american foreign policy. may have gotten applause in the room but it was disqualifying as president of the united states. >> let me give you another example. this is ben carson talking about the same issues. >> putin is trying to really
9:40 am
spread his influence throughout the middle east. this is going to be his base. that's a very complex place. the chinese are there, as well as the russians. and you have all kinds of factions there. we're talking about global jihadists and their desire is to destroy us and to destroy our way of life so we have to be saying, how do we make them look like losers? we have to destroy their caliphate and you look for the easiest place to do that. it would be in iraq. and if -- outside of anbar in iraq, there's a big energy field. take that from them. >> so, take the energy field outside anbar and the easiest way to get isis is in iraq. >> yeah. none of that is easy by the way. but i would say if you're a martian coming down and looking at that debate and you saw trump's performance and carson's performance, you would not think they were the prohibitive
9:41 am
front-runners in the republican race. that is -- it's a disturbing thing. neither of them particularly knowledgeable, particularly skilled in the debate. but they're, you know, consuming a lot of the air right now. that indicates something really deep about the appeal of the outsider in this race because they're not particularly good candidates. >> and finally to al -- >> not to be a strategist, but look. this election's going to be decided, general election in ten states. ten purple states. in five of those states, florida, virginia, colorado, new mexico, arizona and perhaps others, you cannot win without at least a 35%, 40% minimum supporting the hispanic community. seven or eight candidates disqualified themselves to prevail in a general election where republicans have to win the college votes in the ten states and so jeb was actually doing a general election debate behaving like, hey, the price here is the white house and not
9:42 am
necessarily the domination and you guys are not behaving right and that's what he was telling donald trump. >> but briefly, al, there are two hispanic american candidates on that stage who were considered the best debaters on the stage. marco rubio and ted cruz. marco rubio, you know better than i in florida the marco rubio and jeb bush, how's that playing out? >> well, look. marco rubio i saw him campaign produce a piece, i don't know 30 seconds, one minute, showing all the clips where jeb bush was singing his praises and i looked at it and i said i can't believe they compiled that. it's a further evidence that there was a political father-son relationship and a great deal of fondness from jeb to support marco every inch of the way and i'm still flabbergasted that he
9:43 am
decided to run for the post. that's most of jeb supporters knowing both of them well and we'll see where that goes and regarding immigration, honestly, i don't know where marco rubio is today on immigration. i thought i knew where he was when he was part of those eight members of the senate who pushed through that bill. and then i wasn't so sure and then i wasn't so sure again. and now, after he made recent pronouncements this week on this children of these undocumented immigrants, honestly don't know where he is on immigration but from what i take, from the hispanic community feedback, he is not doing himself any favors in the key constituent sy. >> al, any time you declare for president, just give us a call. >> thank you. >> thank you very much for being with us today. >> thank you. up next, operations say yes to the dress. the founder of the non-profit giving thousands of wedding gowns to military brides. stay with us. staying in rhythm...
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veterans are being honored across america today in many different ways. brides across america is a nonprofit group given away more than 15,000 wedding gowns to service members and their families over the past seven years. helping military brides who cannot afford to stage a wedding or don't have time with sudden deployments. they launched a week long giveaway. heidi jensen is the founder and joins me now from boston. great to see you. thank you for being with us. >> thank you so much. >> let's talk about what inspired you to first become involved in this. >> yeah, well, it was back in 2008 and i listened to a story of a soldier and that was based in afghanistan and at the time i just felt like i needed to make a difference because they were making such a difference in our lives and we are so fortunate to live in the united states and
9:48 am
this is -- just dear to my heart and wanted to do something to make a difference and say thank you and the best way i know what to do is bringing back my background in bridal and gifting the women of the military a wonderful wedding gown. >> well, tell us, carla, both military members, afghanistan deployment. how did their story play out? >> yes. i met carla around a year and a half ago. she actually sent a letter that she had three weeks to plan her wedding. they were planning a christmas wedding. and she needed a dress and if that was -- if she would qualify for the program. i thought it was just a really sweet, sweet letter and she was based in north carolina. i was actually traveling to
9:49 am
north carolina at the time to attend one of our giveaways and the whole town of gastonia, we decided to throw them a wedding and three weeks to plan this fabulous wedding and everybody came together and donated their services for the couple. they both served in afghanistan and had just arrived back to the united states. >> and, heidi, what about the week long giveaway now? veterans day but you're making it an entire week and how are you supporting military couples this week? >> right. yes. we do events twice a year. this falls -- we do it every veterans day during the whole week and we have partner salons across the country that are donating dresses to the military brides as long as they qualify. >> and how do they qualify? >> they have to have been
9:50 am
deployed within a five-year period. they could be active duty or a veteran. neither is fine. they could also have had a civil service ceremony and haven't had the wedding yet due to deployments or other factors. and that is it. >> heidi janson, thank you so much. we'll post all the info on our facebook page. thank you for what you're doing. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> you bet. sidelined. new york taking steps to ban the fantasy sports industry. what that means for fans everywhere.
9:51 am
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new york state's attorney general is taking steps today to shut down fantasy sports betting site there is and slamming them quoting from this page that they have filed multi-billion dollar scheme intended to fleece sports fans across the country, their words. the attorney general is
9:54 am
targeting draft kings and fan duel, the two biggest fantasy betting operations drawing a million users a day in new york city state. comcast and nbc sports are investors in fan duel. joining me now is dominic chu. new york state is a major player here so will this become the template for other attorneys general around the country? >> i mean, andrea, you hit the nail on the head here. the reason why it's an important development is new york is one of the largest markets you can have for the daily fantasy sports or dfs industry. now, patrick rich at st. louis university estimates 10% of all participants in the business of daily fantasy sports hail from new york and it could take out a very large chunk of the playing population for daily fantasy sports. like you said, this is viewed very, very closely is because other states right now, new york
9:55 am
is now the sixth state with a cease and desist order on the dayty fantasy sites. the question is whether or not other states follow suit and to what degree they actually impose their restrictions on these types of establishments, andrea. >> now, does this mean that it's a cease and desist order but does the court have to go through this? are we relief injunction possibilities open to the companiless? >> no, no. there are. this is long and lengthy process. the real kind of case here is they have issued this cease and desist order. they have, now, again the attorney general, the sit's top law enforcement official, has given the guys fan duel and draft kings five days to comply with this particular demand to stop taking in wagers or money for these types of games. if they do not comply within five days, then they could initiate legal proceedings and there's a whole bunch of legal framework involved and not like they're shut down overnight.
9:56 am
there's going to be a process involved and i'm sure draft kings with a statement to exhaust every single legal resource at their disposal to try to fight this to make sure their players can play in the state of new york. >> dominic, thank you so much for putting it all in context. appreciate it. and that does it for us for this edition of "an dree mitchell reports." follow the show online. msnbc live with thomas roberts is up next. r and move, groove, wiggle, giggle, swerve, curve. lift, shift, ride, glide, hit your stride. only always discreet underwear has soft dual leak guard barriers to help stop leaks where they happen most and a discreet fit that hugs your curves, you barely feel it. always discreet underwear so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. because hey, pee happens. get your free pair and valuable coupons at always ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season
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as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. just ahead on msnbc live, gop debate day aftermath. who won? who lost? who stretched the truth? live on the campaign trail and candidates are spinning the reaction to their debate performance. plus, weather extremes. today millions of americans are in the strike zone for potential tornadoes and blizzard conditions. we're tracking that storm from the msnbc weather center. we have details to come. welcome to ms in the live. i'm thomas roberts. we begin with a msnbc exclusive
10:00 am
investigation. msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber is here with an eye opening report from virginia with the police video that is are about to air for the first time. ari? >> thank you, thomas. we obtained 80 minutes of new police and hospital videos shot from five different cameras showing every moment of a police interaction that began with a ride to the hospital and ended in the death of a handcuffed virginia man in police custody happening in south boston. this is southern virginia, not far from north carolina. these new videos that you are about to see have never been seen before. they show this deadly 2013 incident in graphic detail. they're the subject of a lawsuit against police in federal court tomorrow and they're edited and a warning. some of the video you are about to see is graphic. police video shows this handcuffed man repeatedly


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